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We issue auditor's reports and attestations that provide assurance on accounting, capital and ownership.

Declarations provide assurance of content and quality

As state-authorized public accountants, we issue statements that provide a degree of assurance on the content and quality of the product, depending on the type of statement in question. Our services include statements and attestations on company law matters, including:

  • Foundation
  • Increase and decrease of capital
  • Merger and demerger
  • Review of annual and interim financial statements

Auditor statements for e.g. mergers, loans and grants

For example, we issue the statements in connection with companies that are facing changes in capital and ownership in the form of a merger or demerger. They can also be statements for companies that are about to take out loans or receive grants and have therefore entered into a specific audit agreement.

Review of financial statements

Smaller companies that are not subject to a statutory audit can have a review - a so-called review - of annual and interim financial statements. In this case, the auditor only examines the financial statements through inquiries and analysis and issues a statement based on this. In an audit, the auditor checks the entire financial statements.

IT auditor statements 

An IT auditor's statement shows that the company has described all IT procedures and processes in a way that reflects reality. As IT auditors, we also look at whether you meet any requirements, regulations and guidelines in your area.

The purpose is to provide an independent and accurate picture of the company's information security management and how it works with information and personal data. It serves as strong documentation for customers and business partners, and the IT audit also provides an overview of opportunities to improve and streamline workflows and procedures. The most common IT statements: ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402.