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Financial advice and assistance for finance and accounting departments

CFO Services

inforevision offers financial advice and assistance to finance and accounting departments, CEOs, CFOs and others with a focus on company finances.

We design and customize robust, value-creating and long-term solutions that fit your business.

Whether the job is big or small, our specialists are ready to help you and your team with advice, solutions, tools and resources to get you safely through the process.

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> Management reporting

> Closing the books

> Consolidation

> Executive Interim and Outsourcing

> Strategic risk management




Management reporting

Free up resources - strengthen your processes

Timely and reliable operational and financial information is essential for making strategic decisions about the future of your business.

We improve and automate reporting and budgeting tools in companies with complex financial processes and scarce resources.

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Strategic risk management & internal controls

Create value with the right strategy

Strategic risk management and a robust internal control environment make for strong and adaptable businesses.

We analyze your risk landscape and help you establish a preparedness plan that responds competently to demands, threats and changing agendas.

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Consolidated financial statements - quality on time

Do you want to improve quality, reduce time and streamline the process when consolidating your consolidated financial statements?

We help develop and implement new, efficient processes using the powerful Danish-developed software KONSOLIDATOR®.

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Closing the books / fast close

Standardization, efficiency and transparency

Do you have an effective financial close?

We help you structure and establish a streamlined process that suits your monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and meets the documentation requirements of external auditors.

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Executive interim and outsourcing

Flexible solutions for busy businesses

Do you need new energy, professional sparring, input for specific projects - or just relief during a busy period?

We provide strong skills and experienced consultants when and where you need them.

Our Executive Interim services are flexible and only charge your finances for the actual time spent.

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