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Consolidated financial statements - quality on time


Do you want to improve quality, reduce time and streamline the process when consolidating your consolidated financial statements?

Customers and competitors are evolving at a rapid pace, and in many places the finance function is experiencing increasing demands for things like stronger management reporting, better budgeting procedures and more efficient financial closing and reporting.


  • Optimize processes
  • Ease the pressure up to the deadline

High quality:

  • Consistent basis for consolidation
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Solid governance and management foundation

Low time consumption:

  • Automation of the processes
  • Minimized time consumption

Consolidation with fewer resources

inforevision helps group companies develop and implement new processes that ensure timely, high-quality management information in a short time.

With a limited financial investment, you can ensure a simple financial consolidation and reporting process for your group. You can also expect a significant reduction in resource consumption.

A structured consolidation process

We are a sales and implementation partner for KONSOLIDATOR® - a powerful, Danish-developed consolidation software that supports a proven and structured process that will strengthen your monthly management reporting.

Features of KONSOLIDATOR®:

  • Consolidated financial figures for group and subgroups
  • Cash flow statement
  • Budget & Forecast
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Automated currency translation and minority interest calculation
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Transparent audit trail
  • Interfaces for ERP and BI systems
  • Excel add-on (KONSOLIDATOR® Connect)
  • App for smartphone and tablet

Read more about KONSOLIDATOR®

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