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infotransactions offers complete financial advice for buying and selling companies


infotransactions works with buying, selling and value optimization of companies. We cover the entire process from start to finish and act as advisors on both the buy and sell side.

Business owners and private equity funds

Our clients include private business owners as well as Danish and foreign private equity funds. We serve them with a team of experienced, multidisciplinary consultants and partners who take an active role in structuring and executing the cases.

Handpicked project participants

infotransactions is part of the auditing and consulting firm inforevision. This means that we can handpick our project participants from among 130 employees who represent a wide range of skills and expertise.

Ensuring a smooth process

A systematic, analytical and well-planned process results in better conditions and a smoother process that all parties involved can be satisfied with. This is the process that infotransactions guarantees.

Customers say

"Fast response and business understanding, better pricing and performance, and a good reputation are among the reasons why infotransactions is now the one to call when assistance is needed.

infotransactions has a way of making us feel like we are their only customer. There is always time for an urgent analysis and there is always a deep understanding of our business and our needs."

Carlos Christensen, CEO, Connected Wind Services A/S (CWS)

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