We have supported many international businesses with their expansion of activities into Denmark and we will be pleased to help you.

inforevision – a steadily growing accounting and consultancy firm

inforevision is a well-founded and steadily growing accounting and consultancy firm with 21 partners, 140 staff and 3,900 customers – primarily SMEs from a large variety of sectors.

The majority of our customers are owner-managed businesses, and we have considerable experience in safeguarding the interests of the owner as well as the business.

inforevision forms part of the international Moore Global network of legally independent accounting and consulting firms operating in  112 countries.

We have assisted many international businesses in expanding their activities into Denmark. We know the challenges that you will face here, and our goal is to keep you away from pitfalls, unnecessary obstacles and costs.

inforevision offers full service support and will be pleased to assist you.

Our services

Audit & accounting

We make sure that the financial statements give a fair presentation of the financial position of your business, and we advise on how to strengthen your activities.

Business Support

We provide reliable and competent assistance with bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, reporting and budgets. Want a company accountant on a part-time basis? Contact us for more information.

Tax & VAT

Are you looking to set up business in Denmark? Our specialists will help you navigate through the complex web of tax and VAT rules.

Executive Interim

We help (re)organising your finance function to make sure that procedures, reporting processes and forecasts support growth and the visions of your business.


We deliver financial management systems and business intelligence solutions and provide related support services. We also assist with IT procurement, operations, hosting and security.


Acquisition, sale and value optimisation of businesses. We assist throughout the entire process, in both buy-side and sell-side transactions.

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Martin Hansen

+45 21 71 90 11

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor, HR-direktør

Søren Moesgaard

+45 21 71 99 08

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Michael Dam-Johansen

+45 26 27 82 48

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

John Richardt Søbjærg

+45 24 21 15 71

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Vibeke Düring Reyes Jensen

+45 21 71 99 80

Partner, it-chef

Simon Okkels

+45 21 71 99 25

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Kenny Madsen

+45 25 47 00 35

Managing partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Flemming Andreasen

+45 21 71 99 87

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Ulrik Christensen

+45 21 71 99 53

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Mark Schneekloth Jensen

+45 61 60 28 60

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Tore Kolby

+45 29 66 33 83

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Per Jensen

+45 21 71 99 67

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Simon Høgenhav

+45 21 41 60 70

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Sten Pedersen

+45 21 71 99 56

Partner, cand.merc.aud.

Dennis Deis

+45 40 73 99 63

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Jesper Andersen

+45 40 74 36 52

Partner, statsautoriseret revisor

Simon Morthorst

+45 21 71 99 40

Partner, Head of Transaction Service

Bo Risom Jensen

+45 21 71 99 14